Learn Advanced Features Present in Latest Air Conditioners

With the increased advancement in technology, there are many new electronic brands coming up in the market. Over time, the demand for air conditioners has also increased in the market. There is now a wide range of air conditioners available in the market for you to choose from. With the new features and advanced mechanism, the performance of air conditioners is getting better and better. However, it is very important that you know your air conditioner well to get the best performance out of it.

Advanced Features

  • One of the newest technology that can be seen in the air conditioners is the 3M Micro Protection filter. These filters help in trapping the harmful microscopic substance that can lead to clogging and impure air with the help of an electromagnetic charge.
  • You can find the “Sweet Dreamz” mode in almost every air conditioner these days. This feature helps you sleep comfortably in the night by turning off the display on the indoor unit.
  • The new dehumidification mode ensures that your room remains without any humidity. It functions with a dry mode on the fan at the lowest speed.
  • The Full HD filter feature in air conditioners helps in removing the dirt by 70 percent and gives out a cleaner and healthier air.
  • The Anti-Bacteria coating acts like a filter in the air conditioners that collects the smallest of dust particles which may carry harmful bacteria or viruses. This gives you a more hygienic environment.
  • The Turbo Cooling feature of air conditioners helps you attain a certain temperature really quick. If you are having a party or guests are coming to your place, this feature will definitely help to provide a relaxed environment in no time.
  • Using air conditioners can spread germs due to the temperature difference in internal and external environment. The Auto Clean feature makes the air moisture free and odor free preventing germs from spreading.

How Your Split Air Conditioner Works?

The Split air conditioner works by providing air from wall mounted cooling unit that is installed outside. As the name suggests, the split air conditioners work from both outside and inside units. The condenser coils and the compressor are attached on the outside unit and the blower and evaporator coils are inside the house. A refrigerant is fed into compressor during pressurization that causes the heat to rise from the inside.

The pressurized gas or refrigerant is passed on by succession of tubes that condenses it into liquid. The air is continuously circulated through the air conditioner until a certain temperature is set or reached. The inside and outside unit are both connected by tubing or pipes.

Split air conditioners are really efficient when it comes to cooling. They have a larger compressor providing a better cooling experience. Brands like Samsung provide top quality split air conditioners that provide amazing durability and performance.

It is very important that you know your air conditioner well. This way, you can also spot the trouble if there are any and fix it timely. It is also very necessary that you maintain your air conditioners regularly for better results.

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