Good fabrics for body pillows for pregnancy

Good fabrics for body pillows for pregnancy

1. Cotton
Cotton is the most popular material today. This material can be knit, weave with different thickness, smooth, weights can be used to sew most types of pillows. Cotton is the most favored material because it is suitable for all shapes, well adapted in all weathers and environments.

Cotton fabric is a synthetic fiber made from the raw material cotton with many other natural materials and chemicals. Cotton is cheaper than the product is mixed with other fibers. It has high durability, fast drying. Cotton can absorb moisture and sweat, reduce heat, bring comfort to the user.

2. Flannel
The first advantage that flannel brings is soft and warm. It is warmer than many other types of wool or cotton, thanks to its smooth short coat and its double-sided structure. Fabrics with the advantage that it can be used on both sides.

The second advantage that makes flannel is always preferred is because the fabric is less waterproof. It is very well suited to the winter climate with hoar frost and drizzle. On the other hand, when washing, flannel dries faster than cotton and wool. Flannel products are also lighter weight than other fabrics.

The third advantage that flannel fabric brings is the variety of colors and designs. Fabrics have a rich palette and a variety of different patterns for you to choose.

3. Linen
Linen is a material made from nature. Linen fabrics are woven from flax. When looking at linen is linen has high crease, simplicity and close to nature. It is cool material, suitable for summer, but also moisture absorption and keeps warm in winter. However, the cost of linen is quite high.

Linen fabric will be softer and more beautiful after using for a long time and at the same time with the structure of 100% natural fibers, when dry washed, the fabric will have light, small wrinkles, creating style and personality characteristics for each design.

Linen fabric does not cause allergy or skin irritation when used. Linen material is resistant to ultraviolet rays, antibacterial, especially with high durability. Therefore, it’s suitable for body pillows for pregnancy.

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