Are You Considering to Use Paper Bags for Shopping?

These days, paper bags have become one of the popular options for shopping bags in most of the shopping centers. You can have many different options if you prefer to use paper bags for your shopping purpose. Why different types of paper are important while using it as shopping bag? That is because the type of paper can have an impact on the print quality and also their durability. Durability and strength of the bag is also important as that will decide how much weight you can carry in these bags.

People who are in the business of paper lunch bags, restaurants usually prefer to use such bags. Therefore, when you consider paper bags as custom grocery bags you need to consider few things before going ahead with it.

What are the options available?

Usually, you have following three options when you choose to select paper bags for shopping purpose.

  • Coating of solid leached sulphate is done on one side of the paper so that there is ease of printing of different marketing messages
  • Coated unbleached craft paperboard is another option, which is a standard brown colored paper bags, that you can usually find in most of the grocery shops. Such bags are considered to be much durable.
  • Specialty paper which is normally used for higher end products and mostly used as marketing promotion material.

Whether paper shopping bag will be right choice for my brand?

As you have seen, different kinds of papers are used for shopping bag to cater different needs. Therefore, you need to decide which type of bags are much suitable for your kind of business. Following are few pros and cons of using or considering any kind of paper shopping bags.


  • These bags can be remade by using recycled papers
  • Recycling is very easy and convenient
  • Number of layers can be created on the paper like introducing water resistant layer
  • There are plenty of usage of plastic coated or laminated papers where one can create different kinds of marketing messages by printing graphics and designs.
  • Available in many different thicknesses
  • Number of options for handles like paper handle ribbon handle or rope handle
  • For higher end bags, it is possible to do hot foil stamping, spot UV, debossing or embossing in order to add certain kinds of designs.
  • It provides lesser risk of suffocation to animals or young children
  • Can carry more weight as compared to any plastic bag


  • Like all other papers these paper bags are also not waterproof
  • Due to water resistant layers and coatings sometimes, it becomes difficult to recycle such paper bags
  • Meant only for single time usage only.
  • More expensive as compared to plastic bag
  • Consumes more space as compared to plastic bag and due to weight and space the shipping cost of such bags can be higher.

Now with the above information, you can make better decision while choosing paper bag for your business. Paper bags are popular choice for restaurants, catering companies, schools, grocery shops and other stores where you may need a classic looking bag.

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