4 Popular Wedding Gifts for the Bride and the Groom

Weddings beckon a time of celebration, joy and reunions. Old friends catch up on their lives, professionals interact with co-workers in a social setting and relatives bond over mouth-watering food. Although it is a happy time for everyone, it marks the commencement of a new journey for the bride and groom – a journey they will embark together as husband and wife.

To mark this cheerful occasion, people in attendance are expected to give gifts. Finding a good wedding gift isn’t easy, but we’ve listed some of the most popular ones below to guide you through your decision making process:

1.     Traditional And Customized Jewelry:

Perhaps one of the best gifts for women, or in this case, the bride, is traditional jewelry. A dazzling designer neckpiece, a stunning and elegant pair of ear rings or a sparkling gold-plated kada are great gifts for the bride-to-be. If you happen to know the bride well, then try to buy her a customized jewelry such as  a necklace set with her name or initials embossed in the back.

2. Home Appliances, Coffee Maker & Tea Tray Set:

As the couple start their life together, they will most likely move in to their new home. Which means that home appliances like blenders, coffee markers, French presses, rice cookers, etc. would be very useful gifting items. Alternatively, you could present cookware and tea tray sets to the bride and groom.

3. Quirky Gifts:

Ditch the conventional presents for something quirkier and more eccentric this wedding season. Swap a traditional photo frame for a snow globe photo frame or a regular portable music player for the Saregama Carvaan. You can even give them a Mr. and Mrs. wood plaque that showcases two of their most memorable photos. Buy a creative, cheesy or even a little over-the-top wedding gift to stand out from the crowd.

4. Art, Idols & Show Pieces:

Speaking of helping the bride and groom adorn their new home, a fancy wall art, a beautiful painting, an impressive show piece or a unique wall clock can be the perfect present for an artistically-inclined couple. One of the best gifts for women is any piece of art – be it a sculpture, a poster with an inspiring quote on it or an intricately carved Ganesh idol — that can be used to decorate her new home. Even a table fountain, fairy lights or kitschy lamp can also be a great addition to a new home.

Buying a wedding gift isn’t an arduous task. You can shop on various online shopping portals, interior decoration websites or visit a nearby furniture store to browse through the plethora of options. If you know the couple well then buying a gift for them shouldn’t be too difficult. Simply buy them what they need or want. However, if the newlyweds are an acquaintance or distant relatives, it is advisable to stick to a conventional gift.

Nevertheless, don’t stress over wedding gifts! Revel in the festivities and wish the bride and groom happiness, luck and good health.

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