10 Amazing Tricks to Crack the CAT exam

CAT (Common Admission Test) is one of the most significant entrance exams for an MBA aspirant who wishes to join a reputed business school in India. Whether you want to pursue your MBA in Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune or any other city in India, CAT can be the key that will unlock the opportunity for you to join a renowned management college to develop and hone your entrepreneurship skills along with business acumen.

While everyone wants to come up with the flying colours in the CAT, but, many are unable to make it to the top. If you are appearing in the CAT exam, and are looking forward to crack the exam, here are some useful tips and tricks that will help you achieve the desired results.

Be Thorough With the Fundamentals
The one who is clear with all the fundamentals won’t find it difficult to answer the trickiest questions. So, all you need to do is spend some extra time in clearing all the concepts and be thorough with all the fundamentals before the exam.

Well-Versed With the Exam Structure
Acquaint yourself with the exam structure and the recent changes made to it, in order to be prepared for what you are going to face.s

Plan for the Exam
While many students who aspire to be a part of one of the top management colleges in Mumbai, or any other city of India, prepare well for the exam but forget to plan for the most crucial three hours of their life. You must plan, how would you tackle the question, how much would you spend for each question, when you would take the tough questions – in the beginning or in the end etc.

Practice Shortcuts
While CAT is conventionally a conceptual exam based on the core fundamentals, but being familiar with different shortcuts will enable you to solve some problems with greater speed, and the time which you save can be utilised in solving other questions.

Stay Relaxed
Although, it’s easy to say and hard to practice, but it is one of the most essential aspects of cracking any entrance exam, not just CAT. So, try to calm down, relax and take the exam with a stress free mind.

Stay Focused
Most of the students begin their preparations for the exam with great enthusiasm, but after a few days, they start losing their focus and this can be the biggest reason behind your failure. Always remember your primary goal and stay focused during your preparations.

Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Carefully analyse your strengths and weaknesses in different test areas, and plan how you would utilise your strengths while overcoming your weaknesses to score well in the exam.

Take Mock Tests
Mock tests can be used to test your knowledge and time management skills during the exam. By taking mock, tests, you can evaluate that how much time you require to complete the entire exam and plan how you would manage the time.

Practice, Practice and Practice
Regular practice will help you overcome any problems that you are encountering during your prep sessions. Whether you are lacking speed, flexibility or skills, every issue can be sorted out by rigorous practise.

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